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What is an L-1 investment visa?

An L-1 Visa allows a foreign company to transfer either an executive, manager, or specialized employee to the United States for the purpose of establishing a new office, or to operate an existing office of a subsidiary/affiliate company.  There must be a qualifying relationship between the foreign parent/affiliate company and the subsidiary/affiliate company.

What is an intra-company transfer/transferee?

It is the transfer of a foreign company’s executive/employee to operate the subsidiary or affiliate company in the US.


There are two (2) types of Intra-company Transfers/Transferees:

  1. An executive or managerial transfer; or

  2. The specialized knowledge employee.


The law requires that either option has been employed for the foreign parent/affiliate company for at least 1 year in the last 3 years.


The visa provides a potential pathway to permanent residency as multinational executive or manager.

An experienced Immigration Attorney can assist by developing a strategy and collaborating with experienced business plan writers & financial advisors to devise a plan to execute a favorable outcome in the issuance of an L-1 Visa.


Immigration Attorney Sevilla can also analyze whether the relationship between the companies both abroad and in the US qualify for the L-1 Visa process.  Not all business models can qualify for the L-1 Visa.  A knowledgeable Immigration Attorney can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different business models and connect you with professionals to improve your business model for a successful outcome in the L-1 Visa process.

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